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A Special List Of Special People
Sjaak Aarnoutse, Patrik Battig, Paul Bonner, Bev Brown, Ingmar Brunken, Ophir Daniel, Brent Deck, Thomas Engel, Mark Feaver, John Findlay, Eberhard Funck, Sjouke Hamstra, Joachim Hurst, Greg Irwin, Jon Jacobi, Michael Kroege, John Musselman, Ron Parker, Keith Pickup, Craig Randall, Tom Record, George Redford, Eckhard Rennner, Friedrich Rode, James Schumacher, Sven Thomas, Roland Walter, Robert Wolf, Michael Vogel, Michael Weigand.

A Special thank you to these and to all who contributed routines for this help file. They have added to the value of this file immensely with their helpful routines. If I have left out anyone or corrections of any kind are needed please contact me at the email addresses below. If I missed anyone I will gladly add your name to the above list.
Dale Bryant@GFA.NET
Dale Bryant@Microsoft

Routines Collected and Compiled By Dale Bryant
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